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Theresa Moriarty

Senior Account Manager
Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Seattle Local & Regional Specialist
Phone: (206) 328-0936
E-mail: tmoriarty@mriseattle.com
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Theresa Moriarty is a seasoned sales leader with 25 years of direct sales and marketing experience. She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Washington and a BFA in dance from Cornish College of the Arts. She was a member of a professional improvisatory dance troupe for 10 years and still teaches in the community. The blend of economics with the aesthetics of dance serve as an intuitive strength when it comes to recruiting. Recruiting is an art!

Theresa started her selling career assisting companies build revenues through marketing. Over time she saw the tremendous impact management teams and employees had on profitability. Nothing can derail growth faster then when you don't have the best people to get the job done. That's why she finds recruiting so rewarding. Her role in placing quality candidates in management, manufacturing, and sales positions with regional and national companies has had a positive impact on her client's bottom line.

Once the job opening is defined, Theresa likes to spend time with her client to discern the subtle needs of job openings; this is the best way to insure a perfect fit. The job is not just to match skills but also to match the culture and synergy of the company. Experience has shown her that a superior candidate that blends well with an existing team can immediately bring value.

Having no problem conducting an aggressive search to find the right person, her strength is building rapport between the client and the candidate by building relationships. It takes the guesswork out of the hiring process. One of the pleasures Theresa derives from this job is providing opportunities for people to advance their career.

When it comes to challenging searches, locating hard to find candidates, or placing candidates in high demand Theresa says, "I'm like a dog with a bone!" Working quickly to meet her client's most urgent needs she provides excellent service to both clients and candidates; this is the best source of repeat business. Believing in honest and open communication, Theresa's secret to a successful search is being in the marketplace on a daily basis, acquiring meaningful contacts and a deep industry knowledge by asking the questions no one else thinks to ask.